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Soul Spa

Intuitive Healing Services

Intuitive Healing is a holistic term that encompasses many different wellness practices, including but not limited to Reiki, sound healing, crystal & color therapies, chakra balancing, Ayurveda, addiction recovery coaching and intuitive guidance. Working with an individual's subtle energies, these wellness practices facilitate and guide each client’s journey to holistic wellness in body, mind & spirit. Our practitioners at Centre Yoga are highly knowledgeable and experienced in multiple energy healing modalities, and draw upon a myriad of tools during each session, as appropriate. Book your personalized session today.


The name Reiki is broken up into two parts, “rei” which means divine and “ki” which means life force energy, so Reiki is divinely guided energy. Reiki works by clearing blockages in the recipient’s energetic, physical, and emotional field, and reducing the stress response in order to promote the healing capacity within the body. The session is fully clothed and can include light touch, crystals, sound healing with crystal bowls, cards, aromas and guided meditation.

below offerings

$90 per 60 min session

3 Pack $250 (3 hours) ~ mix & match your favorites

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